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Document 106, 18 July 1788, p 2, and copy of court order 27 May 1788

on which [Mr E?] is to [??] by his [Witnesses?] This Mr Scott [at?] Master of the Rolls Tuesday 27 May 1788
present thinks we shou’d prove. However a Consultation
between Law and him, which Mr E will attend, will [?] [?] Let the parties proceed to a Trial at Law the
enable me to tell you how the Defence is to be [put?] next Assizes to be holden for the County of Cumberland
[forward?] as to the evidence. I will send you the [Proc?] on the following Issue Quant damn And the Defends
the Coach. In all the interviews which I have had [?] in this cause are to be Plt at law And the Plt loss
Mr E he never mentions a Syllable about fees of any is to be defendt at Law And he is forthwith to name
kind. Your letter will probably extort something from an Attorney to accept a [Declaron?] appear & plead to issue
him on this subject. The Disbursements have been very and refer it to the Master to settle the issue in Case
considerable, and will be more so, by the fees to Councell. the Parties differ And reserve the [Cause?] of the [Costs?]
wch must be handsome Mr E shou’d be told by your [?] of that [?] and of all further directions until after
that he must permit you, to [value?] on him, or [?] the Trial of the sd issue And any of the Parties are to
I am, Dr Sir Yrs J Letteney be at Liberty to apply to this Court as they shall
18 July 1788 be advised And refer it to Mr Holford one of ye
Masters of this Court

Note: Letter from Mr Letteny to Ralph Heron, and court order

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