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Document 106, letter from Mr Letteny to Ralph Heron, 18 July 1788, p 1

Ra Heron Esq Dsr
Newcastle on Mr Scott was so confident that the Court woud order the
Tyne minutes of the [decretal?] order to be alterd, by directing the
issue to be tryd at York instead of Cumberland, that I went
18 July 1788 to say, that it woud be try’d there. However on moving
Mr Letteneys Ltr the Court today (for he happen’d to be absent when the or
motion was made) the Court refused to alter the Minutes
without the Deft consent & they resisting the Motion, we
took nothing by the motion, so that the Cause will be try’d
at Carlisle. Chambro’s Clerk took my retainer, but an [E??]
has taken place, by wch we cannot have him. He has
a general retainer from the County – I understand that Law
has also a genl Retainer. But as the Plts at Law wish
to have Chambro as a Leader, He is with us. A Mr
Hill, of Yorkshire, had been recommended to Mr Errington
[merely?], I find, because he [?] is a Yorkshire Man. But
as the [Cause?] is to be try’d in Cumberland we may as
well take some other youngster by the Hand. Chambro’
Wood, Lamb & Ridley are Councell for the Plts. We shall
have one Benefit, by trying it at Carlisle & that no
small one, In [??] Scott’s assistance as Leader. He says
that he will be there In Case it shou’d be necessary to
read any part of the proceedings in Chancery at the Trial.
210 the Agents have agreed, that the Office copies maybe
read. Mr Errington has directed me to move for a spec
Jury which I have done & the writs will be drawn up to-
morrow. The Councell on both sides seems to be at a Loss
about giving directions as to the evidence necessary to
be adduced by the parties. Mr Wallis’s Clerk told me
that Chambro, thinks the Plts shou’d show by evidce
that the Materials of the old Bridge were worth the
money at wch the County estimated them. Mr E says
he can show by evidence that those materials were
not worth above £1500. Chambro says they must
prove what it will cost to rebuild the Bridge, on the

Note: Letter from Mr Letteny to Ralph Heron p1

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