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Document 90, Copy of Mr Davidson's affidavit, 12 April 1788, p 1

In Chancery Henry Errington Esqr Plf
Ra Heron Esqr Depn and
Newcastle upon Gawen Aynsley John Tweddell
Tyne & Bacon Wm Wastell Esqs Defts
John Davidson of the Town and County of Ncastle upon Tyne
Clk of the peace of the County of Northd maketh oath and saith that
April 1788 at the Genl Qr Sessions of the peace held at Morpeth in & for the
Copy of Mr Davidsons sd County on Wednesday the 2d day of April instant Ra Heron Esqr
Affidt In Chry Errington Agent or Sollr for Henry Errington Esqr the above named Plf
v requested this Dep in the evening of that day to accompany
Aynsley & al him to the Justices of the peace of the sd County then assembled
to hear him deliver a message from the sd Plf touching an
accomodation of matters in Dispute or used Words to
That this
that effect Dept Accordly went with sd Mr Heron into the
Room where the Justices were then sitting when the said
Mr Heron told the Justices that he was desired by the sd
Mr Errington to appear there for the sd Mr Errington & to request
to be infd if they were disposed to receive any proposals
from him towards an accommodation as he Mr Errington had
Authorized him, Mr Heron, to make proposals in case they
the Justices were disposed to accept of any or used words
to that Effect & on Mr Herons Exclaiming to the Justices
that he could not make nor discover to them the Grounds
of the Intended Proposals unless they the Justices, wd declare
they wd Accept thereof he was infd and also desired
to inform Mr Errington that they were much disposed to
receive proposals if they could be impowered & justified
in so doing but that they thought, as Trustees, for the
Public they could not be justified in acceding to proposals
to be made by Mr Errington meaning thereby as Dept understood
that they could not be justified in acceding to proposals wch
in question
was either not to rebuild the Bridge or to pay any thing
less than the sum recovered at Law And at the same time
one of the sd Justices added by way of showing their
readiness to accomodate matters that they wd be ready
to receive 12d or 2d from Mr Errington in full of his agreement

Note: Copy of Mr Davidson's affidavit

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