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Document 87, Letter from H Errington to R Heron,18 March 1788, p 1

March 18. & 27. 1788 190
Mr Erringtons Letters Dr Sir
You are of Course inform’d either
from Mr Davidson or Letteney of what
pass’d in Lincolns Inn Hall on hearing the
Cause, what I now write to you upon is,
that Letteney, conceiving the Master of the
Ralph Heron Esq* Rolls deferr’d giving Judgement till next term
Newcastle upon Tyne in order to give time for a comprom[ise?]
to be made, it would be proper for me [to?]
make another offer at the coming Session
to this I say, that I can not see any reason
why the Magistrates shd. accept my offer now
having rejected it before, the case is no wise
altered, any more than, that there is now no
doubt of an issue being granted, nor indeed did
I entertain any after what the Chancellor declar’d

Note: Letter from H Errington to R Heron, p 1

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