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Document 84, Letter from H Errington to R Heron, 8 September 1787 p 1.

8 Sept 1787 187
Letter from Mr. Errington to retain
Counsel on the Northern Circuit Dr Sir
Ralph Heron Esqr* I have received your letter
Newcastle upon Tyne the 30 ulto, by which I see that all thoughts
of a Compromise must be laid aside, this
intelligence did not surprise me, my determin-
-ation to make the offer was more for the
appearance, than from any expectation of
it’s being accepted, I suupose when the Justices
sent me to Parlt. & afterwards put me to
the expence of making out estimates, they
had not arrived at the point of knowledge
they have since attain’d; that as trustees they
have it not in their power to make any
compromise, perhaps it is as well as it is,
with respect to Counsel I certainly wld have

Note: Letter from H Errington to R Heron, p 1

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