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Document 76, p 2; John Tweddell and Bacon Wastell, Gawen Aynsley

to be built upon a more extensive and consequently a more expensive plan
than the plan accdg to wch the former Bridge in the sd Bill mentd
was built by ye sd Complt as therein set forth And wher such former
Plan is sufficient and effectual for answering the purpose of making
a safe & lasting Bridge.
[5]th Excon For that the sd Defts Jno Tweddell and B. W. Wastell have not in
manner afsd ansd & set forth Wher it is for the reason and under the
Circs in the sd Bill mentd & set forth reasble & just that the sd Complt
shod be bound so strictly by ye Artles of Agreement in the sd Bill set
forth as to be compelled to build anor Bridge on the same plan as
in the sd Bill in that Behalf mentd and to uphold the same for
the Term of 7 Years therein mentd And if so why & for what reasons
And wher yr [Petner?] is not ready & willing to make ye sd Defts a
reasble Satisfaction in the Premes.
In all wch Particulars the Ansr of ye sd Defts
Jno Tweddell & B. W. Wastell to the sd Bill of
Complt is as yr sd Complt is advised & hbly insists
is evasive & insufficient And therefore the sd Complt
excepts thereto & prays that the sd Defts may be
compelled to put in a better & more suffct Ansr
E. King
In Chancery
Between Henry Errington Esquire Complainant
Gawen Aynsley Esqr John Tweddell & B.
William Wastell Esqr Defts
Exceptions taken by ye sd Complt to the Ansr of the sd Dft
Gawen Aynsley to the sd Complts Bill of Complaint
[1]st Excon For that the sd Deft Gawen Aynsley hath not in & by his sd Ansr
accdg to the best & utmost of his Knowl Remembrance Information &
Belief ansd and set forth Wher the sd Bridge in that Behalf mentd and
which was built by the sd Complt as therein set forth was not so
thrown down and destroyed as in the sd Bill mentd without any
previous appearance of any defect in the constructing or building
thereof or how and in what respect otherwise

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