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Document 74, p 6

To prove the Witness who is Law Agent for Mr Errington received
a Letter from him in December 1783-including Mr Smeatons
Estimate-also a Letter from Mr Smeaton to Mr Errington and
a proposal from Mr Errington to the County, with Directions to
deliver the Estimate, Letter from Mr Smeaton and the proposals to
the Clerk of the peace-
Witness can produce all these Papers
1st letter to him from Mr Errington
examined Copy of
2 Mr Smeatons estimate
examined Copy of
3 Mr Smeatons Letter to Mr Errington
examined Copy of
4 The Proposals
the Originals of
On the 27th December 1783, the Witness delivered all these Papers (except
the Letter to himself) to Mr Davidson the Clerk of the peace-on the
dated the 10th
11th January Witness received a Note from the Clerk of the peace
requesting him to attend at the ensuing Sessions fully authorized to
treat and agree on Behalf of Mr Errington with the Justices,-he
attended accordingly- was called into the Room where the Justices were
assembled-remained there a considerable time- was ordered to
withdraw and told the Clerk of the peace would the next Day
communicate in writing the final Resolution of the Justices-the
next day in the Evening he received the Letter dated 15th January
Witness can produce and prove Mr Davidsons the handwriting
of Note and Letter
call Mr Heron

Note: Draft proof of evidence, Mr Heron

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