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Document 74, Draft Proofs of evidence for Mr Errington's case, p 1

To prove that Witness at the Time the Bridge was built was
County Surveyor of Bridges – and was also Superintendant
under Mr. Smeaton of the Works at Hexham Bridge that he
applied to Mr. Tweddell & Mr Wastell two of the plaintiffs
to recommend him to be employed on the Building of Hexham
Bridge as Superintendant under Mr Smeaton – that they did
recommend him – that in pursuance of such Recommendation
he was so employed during the whole of the Time – that the
Bridge was built according to Mr Smeatons Directions to all
Intents & purposes – that the work was executed as well as
possible –
That he was employed in making that an Estimate of the
Materials between the County and Laybourne & Maddison
als that such Estimate can be no Line or Guide whereby to
judge of the Value of the Materials received by Mr Errington
because some of them were used in building a Bank near the
Scite of Sir Walter Blacketts Bridge – other[s?] of them were sold
and those Remaining were of considerable less Value to Mr
Errington than they were estimated at – because the Estimate was
made between the County and their workmen of the Value of
the Materials where they lay [???] but they were to be
carried to another place – were to be applied to a Building
of different Dimensions and were therefore of not one third
of the Value to Mr. Errington – all Jonathan Pickernell

Note: Draft proof of evidence, Mr Pickernell

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