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Document 73, John Donkin's Reply to Interrogatories, 12 January 1787, p 1

In Chancery
A Deposition & Examn of a Witness Produced Sworn & Examd upon
Interries to him Administered in a Certain Cause depending & at Issue in the High
Cot of Chancery wherein Henry Errington Esqr is Complt & Gawen Aynsley John
Tweddell & Bacon William Westell are the Defts taken on the pt of ye sd Complt at
the Hs of Mr Loftus Inn Keeper in Newcastle upon tyne the 12th Jany 1787 by virtue
of a Commn Issued out of the sd Cot hearg date at Westmt the 16th Novr in the 27th yr
of the Reign of his Majesty King Geo the third directed to Wm Wilson Esqr Wm Wilkinson
Gent & Chrisp Fawcett & [Robt?] Hopper Williamson Esqrs any three or two of them To Examine
Witnesses as will on the pt of ye sd Complt as on the pt of ye Defts retble in Eight
Days of St Hilary next Ensuing.
John Donkin of Sandoe in the Co of Northland Gent aged 59 yrs beg sworn & Examd Deposeth as follows
First Interry To the first Interry saith he knows and hath known all the parties in the Title of ye Interries
named for sevl years-
Third To the Third Interry saith he hath been employed by the Complt as his Land Steward and also
as his Princl Agent in his Lead Mines for near 20yrs last past & hath chiefly resided at Sandhoe
Hexham in the County of Northumd during that period & hath reced from ye sd Complt or been allowed
by him for such this Deponts Services to the Amot of 100L yrly or thereabout & freqtly to a much greater
Amot & that by such his residence and Employmt this Depont has been privy to & well knows all or
most of the transactns that have passed & Happened respectg the late Bridge near Hexham in ye
pleadgs of this Cause mentd and also ye sevl sums of money from time to time pd for and on Acct of
the sd Bridge by this Complt & also the benefits wch have arisen from the Complt Horses & Carriages
x being employed in Carryg on ye Works of the sd Bridge & the advantages wch have arisen from the Complt
beg the owner of the property out of wch the stones Sand & Gravel or a gt pt therof were found & provided
for the erecting ye sd Bridge & makg ye roads thereto as in ye pleadgs of this Cause mentd And saith he the sd
Depont by ye order of the Complts Actually pd for & on the Accot of ye necessary Disbursemts wch from time to
time were occasioned by Building or erecting ye sd Bridge sevl sums of money Amotg in ye whole to the sum
of 5579L 19s – 10d ¼ & for the purchase of ye Grod & makg ye road to ye Bridge the sum of 388L 18s 11d ½
& saith that many Horses Carts & Carriages wch belonged to ye Complt were drivg ye building &
Erecting ye sd Bridge employed for that purpose & that wch was so done by such Horses & Carts mus[t]
in case the same had been Hired & paid for by the Complt have Amotd in ye whole to ye sum of
291-3-9 for making ye sd Road to the sum of 19-4-0 & saith that there were got from time to
time for erectg & building ye sd Bridge out of ye Grd & Quarries wch belgd to ye Complt 6449 Fothers*
stone for wch the Complt must have pd if such stones had been purchased the sum of 3d p fother wch as the
Deponent Computes the same amots to ye sum of £80-12-3 And the sd Depont Saith that from his Long
x residce at Sandoe afsd he knew where the best Materials for the makg & erectg ye sd Bridge & ye
makg ye sd Road were to be found & also at wt prices or rates the same might be got & carried and
also wrought up & also wt it was usual to pay for ye Daily Labour of Masons & labourers and that
as Mr Smeaton the Architect employed in planning and formg ye sd Bridge & erecting ye same [supposd?]
of great pt of ye work being done by ye Day not liking to trust such work to be done by ye peace[*]
or by Night esply ye work done under the water ye sd Mr Smeaton Applied to & Desired this Depo[nt]
to take the Charge of Carryg on such works as afsd & that in Compliance wth such request so made
this Depont He & also his son & also Anor pson who was then Clk to this Depont at this Depon[ts]
request did all of them freqtly & some of them almost constantly Attend at the place where such

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