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Document 70, Letter to Mr Heron from Mr Letteney, 1 January 1787

Mr Heron Esqr* 159
Newcastle upon
Tyne Dr Sir
Errington v Aynsley & ors – I deferrd answering your
favor ’till I had seen Mr Scott. He conceives the point in the
1 Janry 1787 Cause to be, the impracticability of building a Bridge on
Mr Lettenys Lre as to the same Plan & situation, that woud have a Chance
the Interrs of remaining there for any length of Time. Donkin must
therefore be interrogated under the 4. & 5th Interrs and as
it may be proper to prove the Justice’s directing an
Estimate to be made by Mr Smeaton in order to ascertn
the Sum to be pd by Mr Errington to the County, that may
be done under the last Interry. The Chancellor havg
signifyed to the Defendts Counsell that they could
expect nothing more at the hearing than [on?] Jugmt
of Quant Damt, I should think the Co woud now be
dispos’d to accept of a Sum to be asertained or as
ascertained by Smeaton & discharge Mr E. from his Oblign
Shaftoe. I will write to him to morrow and tho’ I cannot
find out by Entry, Letter or paper any thing about this
here, yet he has in his Custody, Documents which
will convince me, that his Agent pd [??] those 2 [??]
This is what he has written to me & I shall [??]
him; & send him my Notes for the Money, [agreed?]
his [decision?]
Blackett. I must make this matter the subject of ano[ther]
Letter. Mrs L & Isabella join me in wishing y[ou]
all, many happy returns of this Day I am
Dr Sir
Yr sincly
J Letteney
1 Janry 1787

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