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Document 66, p24

Upon the whole matter this deponent is of opinion that
if the Bridge is built up and restored, upon the plan and
Principles that it was originally built, that there is so much
of it left standing, and so many of the materials near the
place where they are to be used; that it may be made as good
and Safe as it was before the Accident, for a Sum not exceeding
three thousand Pounds, according to a careful estimate that
this deponent made thereof: and that the bridge so resto-
violent &
-red will remain safe and unhurt till Such another Sudden
flood Happens, as that which destroyed it: and such
a flood may happen the Year after it is rebuilt: or it
may not Happen in 50 Years: but that to build it up
upon any different Plan or principle; that may be
reasonably expected to give it a chance of Permanency,
by resisting all such floods as have happened, or that in
a Course of Nature may happen; will necessarily cost
a Sum, far exceeding not only what the last Bridge cost;
But the penalty of the Bond wherein, this Deponent is in-
-formed, the complainant is bound to Support it.

Note: Mr Smeaton's Replies to Interrogatories p 24

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