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Document 66 p21

151 (21)
from 900 to 1000 feet in a Minute not only deranged them; but
totally dispersed the whole Body in the Compass of a few Hours; thereby
leaving the immediate Foundations to the Actions of a rapid Current;
and in Consequence, the whole Structure was brought to destruction;
and so equabley had been its Action on every part, that the whole in
a Manner failed together.
Had the Bridge shewn any previous Symptoms of failure,
of any of its parts; had not even the Parapet remained entire, which
is a part liable to fissures in Bridges of the very best Workmanship,
something might have foreboded the Possibility of such an Event:
Had not the intended defences been compleated, and remained compleat:
Had not a very large Body of Rubble Stone been deposited below the
immediate Scite of the Bridge, by the Order and Directions of this
Deponent, in order to support and strengthen the Body of Rubble
deposited immediately around the Foundations; In short, had not
so far as has come to the knowledge & belief of this Dept
every thing been done in Conformity with the Suggestions of
this Deponent for the permanent Security of the Bridge, that his
Mind or Experience could devise; then he might have shifted the
Blame upon others, and gone to work a second time, with greater
prospect of Success than he did at first; and have thought that to
be a practicable Scheme now; that he so thought then. But the
State of his Experience of the Powers of this River now is so exceedingly
different from what they originally appeared; or indeed appeared
at any time preceding the last fatal Catastrophe; that had an
Intimation been suggested of the possibility of such an Accident the
21 day

Note: Mr Smeaton's Replies to Interrogatories p21

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