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Document 66 p19

149 (19)
Extent of any other Man’s Capacity: It frequently happens that what
will fail the Mind of one Man, will be readily effected by another; but
he cannot be induced, unless compelled thereto by Necessity to hazard
the remains of his Reputation as an Artist, by undertaking what he
has sufficient Reason now to think either impracticable in itself,
or so very hazardous in its Effect, and Permanency, that no Person
thinking as he does, would chuse to engage therein.
6th Interrogatory This Deponent having in answer to the
preceeding fully explained himself upon this Interrogatory, he thinks
it sufficient to say, that he sees no Reason to expect a better Success
in a future, than with the former Bridges, while the Plan, and
Place remains the same; nor has he yet been informed of any other
Situation in the Neighbourhood of Hexham, that he has now any
reason to think preferable.
Last Interrogatory. In Answer to this last Interrogatory; this
Deponent believes, that it will not only be satisfactory to the disinterested;
but of real Use to the contending Parties, to know this Deponent’s Reason
why he esteems the building of a Bridge near Hexham, now as
attended with much greater difficulty, and hazard, than he had reason
to think it in the Year 1776: And it because he is now thoroughly
acquainted with certain Facts, that it was impossible for him then
to be acquainted with, or indeed form the least Conception of: for
had he then been acquainted with these Facts, he certainly should have
judged this Project as difficult, hazardous and impracticable at that
time as he does now.
19 At

Note: Mr Smeaton's Replies to Interrogatories p19; line down document's left hand margin

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