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Document 66 p15

145 (15)
Deponent was informed, and verily believes, were appointed by the Bench
of Magistrates to view the same; (one of which to the best of this
Deponent’s Remembrance, and Belief was the Defendant B. Wastell
Esqr) and found every thing done to his, the Deponent’s, Satisfaction, as
well as to that of the Magistrates attending; And as such he this
Deponent gave a Certificate to the Complainant, that the Bridge was
completed according to the Complainant’s Agreement. And this
Deponent further answering says, that this Bridge as he has been
informed and verily believes stood safe, and unhurt, and without
the least Appearance of Injury, notwithstanding that several great
Floods happened during the intermediate Time: But that upon the
11th day of March 1782 a more sudden and violent Flood happened,
than had happened since the great Inundation of 1771, and which
Flood of 1782 being at the height in the Middle of the day, the
Circumstances attending it were more capable of being observed, than
that which in the Night destroyed the Bridge in 1771: In particular
this Deponent having been informed by the said Mr J Donkin, who
was present, that he particularly observed the height of the Water acting
against the Bridge on the East West or upstream Side of the Bridge
and that it rose on that Side to the top of the Caps of the salient Points
of the Piers; but that on the downstream or West Side,the Surface of
the Water scarcely arose so high as the Bottoms of the Imposts: And
therefore from the difference of perpendicular height of these two fixed
Marks, this Deponent calculates that the Velocity of the Current Water
15 must

Note: Mr Smeaton's Replies to Interrogatories p15

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