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Document 66, p 14

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done; as he expected that if there was any partiality on the part of the
said J Pickernell, it would rather be towards the said Magistrates,
than towards the said Complainant or this Deponent.
3. Interrogatory. In Answer hereto, this Deponent not having
had any Concern in the Expenditure of the Money, or in keeping the
Accounts, he is unable to say what the Sums expended really were;
upon a Gravel bottom
but he has reason to believe a Stone Bridge extending 518 feet
one of
between its Abutments over the most rapid Rivers in this Kingdom
that this Deponent is acquainted with; must in it’s Nature cost
more than the Sum of £5700, and which he has still greater
Reason to think, because the Deponent’s Estimates upon the Plan
originally exhibited, was for a greater Sum, and it is not frequent
that Works of this kind are actually performed for less Money than
their Estimation. And furthermore, that a considerable Sum of
Money must necessarily be expended in additional Works that
this Deponent did not foresee in consequence of Misfortunes that
really happened in the Course of the Execution; And against which
Attacks he thought it necessary to make additional defences to the
Bridge in future.
4. Interrogatory. In Answer hereto this Deponent says
that in the beginning of the Month of January 1781 he surveyed
the Bridge in presence of two of the Magistrates, who as this
14 Deponent

Note: Mr Smeaton's replies to Interrogatories p14

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