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Document 66, p 13

believe that the Defendant Gawen Ainsley was quite satisfied with the
[proceedings?] of the Works of the Bridge from first to last; as well as
the other Defendants; because as Chairman of the Quarter Sessions, he
had constantly an Opportunity Quarterly of conversing with the said
Jonathan Pickernell: And as the said Magistrates, after his Appointment
as Deputy Surveyor under Mr Wooler had appointed him, the said
Jonathan Pickernall to be Surveyor of the Bridges under them for
the County of Northumberland; and the said J:Pickernell had also
been recommended by two of the said Magistrates for the said County to this
Deponent, to act under him as Deputy Surveyor, in this Work; he the
said Deponent for these Reasons necessarily concluded that the
Defendants as well as the other Magistrates were well satisfied with
all the proceedings; especially as he never received any Objection
thereto, from the said Defendants, by the said J:Pickernell, or otherwise.
And on this Occasion this Deponent must further declare, that
exclusive of finding the said J Pickernell, to be a person likely to
answer the purpose in point of Experience and Capacity as Deputy
Surveyor in this Work; it was a considerable Inducement to this
Deponent to consent to his being so employed; because being
previously employed and recoemmended by the Magistrates, as aforesaid,
he trusted that the Confidence the Magistrates appeared to repose in
him, would be the Means of obviating all Blame to this Deponent,
or the Complainant, in leaving anything short or insufficiently
13 done;

Note: Mr Smeaton's Replies to Interrogatories p13

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