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137 (7)
the River without breaking it by digging, or disturbing it by driving of
Piles, and had contented themselves with defending the Sides of their
Piers from the Action of the passing Current of Water, by other proper
Means, that the original Bridge of Sir Walter Blackett might then have
been standing; or Mr Wooler have complied with the ardent Wishes of
the Magistrates in affording them a permanent and useful Bridge.
This Deponent therefore being willing to gratify what he had
great Reason to suppose to be the public desire of a part of the Kingdom
in which he had formed many Connections by Occasion of Business
signified his Consent to Mr Donkin that he should be ready to
examine the Ground in the quarter pointed out by Mr Errington: And
in case he found it of such a Nature that he should hazard his
Credit upon it as an Artist and that Mr Errington would take the
Risque of it point of Value; that then this Deponent would proceed
to form a Scheme, and Estimate for Mr Errington to procced upon
with the Magistrates.
The Examination was accordingly proceeded upon by this
deponent, in which he was attended by the said Jonathan Pickernell
who some of the Magistrates had recommended to assist him and
give him Information in this Business, and with whom at this
time this Deponent had very little Acquaintance: And in this
Examination this Deponent found that the Crust of Gravel forming
the Bed of the River in this place was at least double the thickness
(Vizt 8 feet) that Mr Pickernell had reported it was at the other
Situation (Vizt four feet) but that the Crust here, appearing to be
by far the most firm at top, and growing gradually less compact
underneath, though he judged this Crust sufficient to bear
7 Weight

Note: Mr Smeaton's Replies to Interrogatories p 7

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