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Document 64, p 2

As the Sheriff is not as [???] deliver a Moiety in General
of the real Estate, but [???] [??tain?] Parts as a Moiety of the
whole I think the Esta[te?] [???] Deft is only interested as a
Copartner cannot be [???] Sheriff & delivered to the
Plts-As to any personal Chattels of which the Deft is a
Copartner, the Share of the deft may be sold by the Sher[iff?]
as in a writ of Fi fa* or the Share may be assign[ed?]
by the Sheriff to the Plts
2.4 In what Manner is the Sheriff to deliver a Moiety [of?]
the Land & Chattels to Plts – must they be [personally?]
present or can the Clerk of the Peace as their [Agent?]
receive the same & if so must he have any Auth[ority?]
from them & what for that Purpose?
There is no Occasion for any of the plts to be present; The
Delivery of the Moiety of the Lands, and the whole of the
Chattels found by the Jury to their Agent is sufficient
without any written Authority
Chr Fawcett
25 Octr 1786

Note: Questions to Mr Fawcett, 25 October 1786, p 2. Page badly torn

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