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Document 64, Questions to Mr Fawcett and his replies, 25 October 1786, p 1

Hexham Bridge
Mr Fawcett after casting his Eye over his own Opinion and that of Mr John
Wilson in this Matter, and after perusing the Copy of Writ of Elegit
issued – will please observe that the Original Writ is now in the office
of the Sheriff of Northumberland and will be executed next Week-
The Defendant has divers Estates in the County a Moiety* of which
by the Writ must be delivered to the Plaintiffs.
The Deft is also in partnership with others in some Lead Mines
a smelting Mill & of Course will have an Interest in the Lead-
There are the Remains of the former Bridge standing near Hexham
which if not the property of the Public must be that of Mr Errington
and is of some Value.
After those Matters are premised Mr Fawcett is requested on Behalf
of the County to answer the following Queries-
2.1 Are the Remains of the Bridge built by Deft to be
deemed his Property so as to be delivered over at an
Appraisement to the Plts if not then whose Property are
such Remains?
I think the remains of the Bridge cannot be found by the Jury
to be the Goods and Chattels of the Deft to be delivered to the Plfs
They seem to me to belong to the County
2.2 Must evidence be given before the Inquest of the exact
Number of Messes Barns Acres Meadow & Pasture Ground
in each farm & if so will the general Reputation [???]
being the Owner in Fee be sufficient or what Evi[dence?]
will be sufficient?
The no of Messes Barns &c and of Meadow & Pasture Gr[ound?]
near as may be in each Farm with the Names of the Te[nants]
at what yearly Rent, should I conceive be found by the [??]
General Reputation I should think will not satisfy the Jury
you should get the Tenants to attend & give Evidence or any
Persons who can sp[eak?] [???] [???] to their Knowledge
2.3 Can those Est[ates? [???] [???] which the Deft
interested as a [???] [???] by the Sheriff & delivered
to the Plts

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