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Document 62, letter from Mr Letteny to Ralph Heron, 19 October 1786

19th Octor 17[86?] Dr Sr
Mr Letteney to [Ralph Heron] Mr Errington came to Town this morning and
as soon as he has advis’d with some of his friends, wch
Ra Heron Esqr I suppose will be today or to morrow, he will let me know
Newcastle upon his [determn?] For my own part I don’t see how he can
Tyne prevent the [Jmnt?] being executed; as I suppose it has
been issued, in pursuance of some order at the Michas
Sessions; I intend to be in Newcastle, on Tuesday
or Wednesday I am Dr Sr
Yrs sincy
J Letteny
19 Octr 1786

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