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Document 59, Replication (response) to draft Court pleading, p 1

Michaelmas Term in the Twenty fifth year of the Reign
of our Sovereign Lord George the Third
Stormont & May
Aynsley Esqr } And the said Gawen John Tweddell and Bacon William
and others } as to the said Plea of the said Henry by him above
against } pleaded in Bar say that they by reason of any thing
Errington } by the said Henry in that Plea above alledged might not
to be barred from having and maintaining their aforesaid
Action thereof against him because they say that the said
Articles of Agreement in the said Condition of the said
Copy of Replication[*] Writing Obligatory mentioned and above set forth the more duly *written laterally in left margin of page
[sertified?] with the Seal of the said Henry Errington and as his
Deed delivered to wit at Westminster aforesaid and that
after the making of the said Writing obligatory and of the
said Articles of Agreement and in pursuance of the
same Articles of Agreement to wit on the First day of
November in the year of our Lord One thousand seven
hundred and Eighty at Westminster aforesaid in the said
County of Middlesex the sad Henry did build and erect
a Bridge at the said place mentioned in the said
Articles of Agreement and did procure and make such
Road as in the same Articles of Agreement is in that
behalf mentioned and that the said Bridge and Road
afterwards and before the Day of exhibiting the said Bill

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