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Document 54, p 4

"An Estimate of the upstanding work of Hexham Bridge, a Valuation"*
"of the fallen and damaged Materials towards reinstating the said Bridge"
"and an Estimate of what will be further required in Cash to restore"
"the said Bridge conformable to the Terms of Mr Errington’s Contract with"
"the County of Northumberland
"The Value of the upstanding parts of the Bridge; in which I account
"the North and South Land Breasts, with their respective}
"Slopes, Land Arches and Mill Arch, also the first Arch }
"of the Bridge and parapets from the South side and } 1786 4 –
"the first and third piers from the South side; these }
"Articles on a careful Valuation of particulars I }
"estimate at the Sum of }
"The Value of the fallen and damaged Materials towards }
"the Reerection of the Bridge,from the best Estimation } 387 16 7
"I can make of them, I think them worth at the least }
"To compleat the Erection of the fallen parts conformable }
"to the Terms of Mr Errington’s Contract with the County I} 2925 17 5
"estimate at the further Sum of } 5099 18-
Sandhoe 10 Decr 1783 J Smeaton
this Estimate was sent to Mr Errington who forwarded it to Mr Heron his
Law Agent at Newcastle accompanied with the following Letter*
"In Consequence of a Message from the Justices of the peace delivered"
"at last Michaelmas Sessions to my Agent Mr Donkin I prevailed"
"upon Mr Smeaton as soon as the State of his Health would permit"
"him, to view & examine the State & ruins of Hexham Bridge"
the Value
"and to make Estimates as well of of the undamaged parts as of the"
"deranged and damaged Materials and to compute the Amount of the"
"Sum necessary to put the same into such Condition as my Contract"
"requires which Estimate & Computation, together with Mr Smeaton’s"
"Letter to me are annexed and I hereby offer to pay the Sum of"
"two thousand nine hundred and twenty five pounds Seventeen Shillings"
"and five pence in the said Computation mentioned by Instalments"
"in such manner & proportions as I received the money paid to me by"
"the County and as expressed in my Letter to Mr Aynsley at last"
"Sessions upon being released from my said Contract"
"Red Rice Decbr 18 1783" "Heny Errington"
The above estimate and Letter was were delivered by Mr Heron to the Clerk of
the peace on the 27th December 1783 and on the 10th Jany 1784 the
Clerk of the peace wrote the following Note to Mr Heron*
"Mr Davidsons Compliments to Mr Heron begs to know if he is"
"vested with full powers from Mr Errington to treat and agree on his"
"Behalf with the Magistrates at the ensuing Quarter Sessions touching"
"the matter of Hexham Bridge, if he is not, then that he Mr Davidson"
"has to request that he or Mr Donkin will attend at the Sessions"
"fully authorised for the above purpose"
"Oat Market Newcastle 10th January 1784"
on Behalf of Mr Errington
Mr Heron accordingly attended at the Quarter Sessions held at Morpeth on
the 14th January 1784 – and was present with the Justices for some a considerable
Time in a room where they had ordered required his Attendance-but being ordered to
withdraw he left them and afterwards on the same Day the Clerk of the peace

Note: Draft Case to the Court of Chancery, p 4

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