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Document 52, letter from Henry Errington to Ralph Heron, 20 January 1784, p 1

20th Janry [1784?] Dr Sir
Mr Errington’s Ltr acknowledging Yesterday I receiv’d the favour of
Rect of mine informing him of your Letter & one from Mr Davidson contain-
Resolutions of the Justices at -ing the resolutions of the Magistrates at Sessions
Xmas Sessns in which it is difficult to say whether there
is more of [Folly?], [apprehension?], or ill fav[our?]
To after all that has passed between them a[nd?]
Ralph Heron Esqr me from the beginning of this business [??]
Newcastle upon Tyne the last offer made in consequence of Mr
Smeaton’s estimate by their own order I own
I did not expect such a decision. I shall take
advice what answer it will be proper to make
to the Clerk of the peace, he does not desire
any answer so I suppose there can be no
great hurry especially as no work can be
began upon of for some months. I now feel the [loss?]

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