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Document 51, p 2

is at an End – I am told that Mr Fawcett gave it as his
Opinion that the Justices could not make any compromise
with you – there surely never was such strange Conduct – At
Michaelmas Sessions you are desired, on a Suggestion that
the former estimate of Johnson and others was not satisfactory
to prevail on Mr Smeaton to make one, this is complied
with – three Days before Christmas Sessions the Clerk of the
peace desires that I may be vested with full powers to
treat and agree with the Magistrates – At the Sessions the
Justices determine neither to treat or agree – in this Situation
it will be right to consult your Council what is proper to
*[*] be done – if you shall be advised that Parliament will
communicating what passed at the relieve then a petition should be presented before an
Sessions[*] Action is brought, and a speedy determination seems
necessary, because an Answer will be expected from you
to the Clerk of the peaces Letter, which he mentions
his intentions of Writing to you this Day – I suppose if an
Action is brought it will be upon the Bond and in that
case if a Verdict is given agt you it must be for the whole
penalty – it is for your Council’s consideration what relief
can be had after Verdict – I take for granted that upon
the Circumstances of your Case the Court of Chancery
would relieve – but the Case being so singular, and
now it is extremely difficult to form any opinion about it
What ever you think proper to say in Answer to the Clerk
of the Peace’s Letter, I begg you only let it be perused by
your Council lest any Expressions therein may prejudice
you – I keep the Original Card and Letter for the purpose of
evidencing them if necessary- I am
Your most obedient Servt
(a Copy) Ralph Heron
Newcastle 16th Jany 1784

Note: Copy letter from Ralph Heron to Henry Errington, 16 January 1784, p 2

Abbreviations are underlined like this Wm. and the expansion may be seen by moving the cursor over it.

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