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Document 48, p 2

those large and well compacted Masses of Matter that now
remain to occupy the places of several of the piers;
whereas I have estimated all as without that Aid, in
Terms of the Contract.- Perhaps it may not appear at
first sight, why the Sum Total of the present Estimate
is not equal to the Sum Total of the former Expenditure;
but stripping the former Expenditure of all those Articles
of Expence, which from their Nature cannot occur in the
Restoration of the present Building they will then
be alike.-
I hope your proposal upon the inclosed will enable
You to give Satisfaction to all concerned, and supersede
the necessity of the personal Interview that I proposed with
Mr Mylne the next Quarter Sessions, which was sent to
the Clerk of the Peace before I had sat down to
I remain with great esteem
Your most humble Servt
J. Smeaton

Note: Letter from John Smeaton to Henry Errington, 10 December 1783, p 2

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