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Document 48, Letter from John Smeaton to Henry Errington, 10 December 1783 p 1

Sandoe 10 Decr 1783
In Conformity to your Request and as soon as the bad
State of my Health would possibly permit, I have
Spent a Week here, in viewing considering and computing
the requisite Materials for forming the Estimate for Hexham
Bridge, which I now inclose; And which I am hopeful
will take in the full Scope of the Object you had in
View, in your Requisition, to have an Estimate made out
of the value of the standing, and fallen parts of the
Bridge; noting the Value of the standing Works and which
I am sorry I could not acquit myself of sooner
without Risque of my Life.
I can only say, I have spent much Time and
Labour in particularly computing the distinct parts so far
as they are capable of Computation; and as I esteem it far
the most difficult part of my Profession, to make [??]
Estimate for a Subject of this Kind and Magnitude; [??]
make an estimate of one so broken, and falling [??]
Such a Variety of Considerations as the present must [??]
allowed to be doubly difficult.
I shall therefore content myself with saying that
I have endeavoured to acquit myself to my own Satisfaction
in doing equal Justice betwixt you and the County
I must however observe that was you to rebuild; or
was the County to rebuild; it will probably be done for
considerably less than my Estimate; because after taking
down the damaged Works to the Water Surface I
apprehend it may not be judged advisable to eradicate

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