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Document 45, p 2

on the Part of the Magistrates. You must remember Sir
I often urg’d that the Forms of my Release might at that Time
be agreed upon; you were regularly assembled at Sessions, I
was competent to engage for myself but you did not care to name
any Specific Sum nor did you desire me to make an Offer; in
this Situation of things according to my Conception we parted.
I have however been since told, that it was meant at that time
that my Bill should be sent down to the ensuing Quarter Sessions
or the one subsequently. So far was I from understanding that to
be the wish of the Magistrates that Mr Heron can testify that at
a Meeting at Mr Wallace’s in Lincoln’s Inn Fields not long before
Xmas-82. concerning the Petition, it was there considered whether
or no any further Application to Sessions was necessary before
the Business was proceeded upon, after due Consideration they
were of opinion there was no necessity for such Application. Tho’
this Consultation was held upon the subject of the Petition, yet
Mr Wallace’s Journey into the North & his Illness prevented it
being drawn till near the last day appointed for presenting Petitions
The moment I was in possession of it I enclosed it to you Sir, the
presenting could not possibly be delayed or the year was lost, it
was drawn as nearly as I recollect in Conformity to what had
passed at Sessions, the offer of a Sum of Money to be paid to the
County was not omitted, You did not favour me with any
Answer to my Letter. Had I been proceeding contrary to what was
agreed upon at sessions I doubt not but you would have wrote a
Line to signify to me my Mistake & put me into the right Road
but hearing nothing Sir I concluded all was right I was moreover
informed that Sir Wm Middleton had been desired to take care
that the Bill was not hurry’d thro’ the House without the
Magistrates being fully appriz’d of its Nature & Tendency, it is
true no specific Terms, excepting restoring the Materials were
mention’d in the Bill, nor do I see how they possibly could, a[s]
none had ever been agreed upon between the parties, the Comm[ittee?]

Note: Letter from Mr Errington to Mr Aynsley, 22 September 1783, p 2

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