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Document 43, p 2

quite sufficient for my security, tho’ it might
not be so for that of the Magistrates, I may
be wrong in my law, but in that light it
strikes me, & if you remember Mr Kenyon’s
opinion had these words "a Jury in strict Justice
may give in damages such a sum as would
be requir’d to build the bridge but it would be
neither very honourable or Conscientious in a
County to insist upon such terms" &c &c.in
short I am clearly of opinion that I ought
not to bear any part of the Charge of
obtaining the act, but you know well enough
how much I wish to see an end to this
business therefore I desire you would be
plenipotentiary upon the occasion & I dare
say I shall be satisfi’d with what you do.
I have wrote a pretty long letter to Mr Aynsley
explanatory of my conduct throughout this whole
transaction, I could find when I was at Newcastle
that many falsehoods had been propagated &
gain’d Credit with the publick, therefore I thought
*[it a?] Justice due to myself to set my own
[Con?]duct in a proper light, which I have done by
[a?] [s?]imple narrative of facts & without accusing

Note: Letter from Henry Errington to Ralph Heron, p 2

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