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Document 42, p 2

the Agreement not in the Power of the Contracting parties to
make any variation therein, and having been declared by
Mr Smeaton that it is not in his Power to devise or give a
better Plan in its Place; it would consequently answer no
beneficial Purpose to the County to insist on Mr Errington’s
rebuilding the Bridge especially as a great Portion of the
7 Years would expire before he could complete it (Two Years
and a half having already elapsed since the Certificate)
and, if, by favourable Seasons it should be capable of
being upheld till the End of the 7 Years Mr Errrington
would then be discharged from his Obligation and the
Burthen would fall upon the County.
Mr Errington in common with the Land Owners of the
County in general and by having an Estate in the Vicinity
of Hexham in particular feels himself interested in having
a Bridge built which perhaps by a Change in the mode
of Structure may be attended with a probability of being
permanent, which other Engineers employed by the
Magistrates have given Reason to hope may be done.
Mr Errington therefore conceives that it would be
more advantageous to the County to accept from him such
Sum of Money as shall be estimated equal to the Expence

Note: Mr Errington's Case to the Grand Jury at 1783 Assizes, p 2

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