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Document 42, Mr Errington's Case to the Grand Jury at 1783 Assizes, p 1

Mr Errington’s Contract with the Justices of the Peace
respecting Hexham Bridge having placed him in a very
disagreeable Situation he as well on his own Acct as on the
part of the County wishes the grand Jury now assembled
as the representative Body of the County would be pleased
to take the following short State of Facts into their
Mr Errington undertook to build the
Bridge according to a specific Plan under the Direction and
Inspection of Mr Smeaton and that he would uphold support
repair maintain rebuild and keep it in good and sufficient
Repair for the Term of 7 years to be computed from the Time
it should be certified under the hands of two Justices to be so built.
The Bridge being completely finished was in January
1781 certified for accordingly.
The Plan to which Mr Errington was confined is not
only a Plan of the Superstructure but also of the Foundation
and of the manner in which such Foundation was to be laid.
In March 1782 the Bridge was thrown down and it
is thereby shewn that the Bed of the River is of such
Nature that to rebuild it according to the same Plan [will?]
certainly be ineffectual. And according to the Na[ture?]

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