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Document 40, p 2

the Sessions Grand Jury, they delivered a paper into court [??] under their
Hands addressed to the Justices remonstrating agt the behaviour of Thompson
they stated that he had without leave of the Magistrates left the County &
gone with Mr Donkin your Steward to London to give Evidce for you, it [that?]
contained several other trifling allegations agt him & concluded with praying
that his Conduct might be taken into Consideration and such steps taken
relating to him as the Justices should think proper-this paper was received
taken into consideration,
& read in open Court & the Chairman sayed it should be considered and that
due Attention should would always be given by the Court to the Representations
of the Grand Jury – but this mighty attack upon poor Thompson to take his
Bread from him was rendered ridiculous by Mr Jno Tweddell & Mr Wastell
avowing that Thompson had applied to them for Leave & they had given it
considering it as common Justice to allow [?] the Man who was employed by
you in building the Bridge to give such Evidence as he could of the manner
in wch it was built- the generality of the Justices the Chairman & several some
others of the Justices remarked upon your Letter that the Grand Jury at
the Assizes had nothing to do with the Business that it solely lay rested with the
the Justices- the Remonstrance agt Thompson enabled me to observe [remark?]that [as?]
they the Justices had condescended at the Quarter Sessto receive a Remonstrance
respecting the Bridge from the Grand Jury at the Quarter Sessions they
certainly would not pay less Regard to the Sentimts & Opinion of the Grand
Jury at the Assizes, to this there was no Reply – Captn Shaftoe was upon the
Jury so that it easy to discover where the Remonstrance originated –
I have stated all that passed at the Sessions which came to my knowledge
and I presume you will also be here yourself at the Assizes, if in the mean
Time there is any Thing you wish me to do I shall be glad to receive your
Instructions & am
Sir Yr most obedt Servt
NC 18 July 1783.
H Errington Esqr
Stable Yard
St James

Note: Draft letter from Ralph Heron to Mr Errington, p 2

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