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Document 40, Draft letter from Ralph Heron to Mr Errington, 18 July 1783, p 1

18 July 1783 84*
Drt of my Letter to Mr Sir
Errington informing him of I communicated your Letter at the Sessions to Mr Aynsley Mr
what passed at the Sessions Watson Mr Jno Tweddell Mr Frans Tweddell Mr Allgood Mr Smith Mr
Vaughan Mr Askew Mr Wastell Mr Charlton and Mr Bainbridge and after
they had privately deliberated on the Contents I was called in and informed by
Mr Aynsley the Chairman expressed himself as follows "Mr Errington is at Liberty
"to take what advice he pleases and consult who he chooses, we can say nothing"
you will recollect that in your Letter you say you have been advised to take
remarked upon this [??] passage as follows "I do not
the Sense of the County at the Assizes. Mr Askew sayed he did not understand
I wish Mr Errington
the Expression he [??] [??] had [spoken?] out, who advised him, I would have
spoke out." Mr Charlton Upon Mr Charlton saying he did not think it
unreasonable to comply with your Request to give you till the Assizes to take
[the?] Sense of the Grand Jury Mr Askew replied "Oh I suppose these are your
Instructions – that is the Language of Great Men, I do not like the Language
"of Great Men I am upon my own Bottom" is that [??] which you will use
Mr Bainbridge spoke against delaying a Prosecution agt you upon the
Ground that by delay you [would?] again get the matter into parliamt and
he understood that if [??] it was previously dependg in the Courts of Law
Parliamt would not interfere-Mr Jno Tweddell as usual strenuously contended for
you having the Opportunity [??] of consulting the Grand Jury at the Assizes
before you made a proposition – the other Gentlemen sayed little- however from
the best Information I cou’d get no Order was made for a Prosecution and as there
is always an Adjournment of the Sessions held in the Assize week I presume the
matter will be there resumed – I was a great deal surprised at the Conduct [of?]

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