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Document 35, P 27

must have a termination and wherever it terminates Experience shews
a rapid Current will form a deep hole to twenty or even thirty feet deep and
upwards and if the Gravel under the foundation gets loose the downfall
of the whole is the Consequence.
2ndly Suppose we attempt to build it in an Excavation upon Piles encased
as was done at Perth the same difficulty arises we cannot get out the
water and if done as Rubble will not lay to defend it the Gravel Bed being
Scooped out beyond all practicability of driving Piles the Piers being sapped
the same unfortunate Circumstance must ensue.
3rdly Suppose we attempt it by Excavation with Ballast Lighters and drive
down Piles even with the Bottom of the Excavation Pitt to found the Piers
upon which may doubtless be done without taking off a drainage of the
Water still if neither the Bed of Gravel itself nor Quarry Rubble are capable
of resisting the violence of the Current when the Gravel is destroyed or
deranged so as the Piles are laid bare, the Pillars will be sapped and
destruction equally ensue, nay even suppose the Piles could be encased
without taking of the water yet this is only giving the River a little more
work to do for if Rubble is carried away as we find it must be it is no
defence and we don’t know the depth to which the Gravel can be Scouped
out and Excavated by the Violence of the River. The foundations therefore
however deep can be ultimately sapped and the same Ruin ensue.
In short turn ouselves which way we will nothing seems certain
in this Business but a very great Expence how Commensurate with the
County’s funds must be left to those to judge off who know them, but this
Mr Smeaton will take upon himself to say that he sees no way of making
foundations for a Bridge to stand upon for the whole sum in which Mr
Errington stands obligated to the County that is likely to be attended
with any certainty of permanency much less as to build a Bridge upon
these foundations for the same sum.

Note: Mr Smeaton's Memorial, p 27

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