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Document 35, P 22

nor did he ever appear disquieted by the disaster of One thousand seven
hundred and seventy eight, or to the Expence of what Mr Smeaton had
proposed as a necessary addition, tho’ at so considerable an addition
as five or six hundred pounds as has been already stated.
Thirdly respecting Mr Pickernel; whether he did to the best of his Power
and knowledge execute to a reasonable and possible intent, what was
directed by Mr Smeaton: and to this Mr Smeaton thinks it just to say
as a Witness; that he always looked upon Mr Pickernel throughout
the whole proceeding as a person particularly attentive to execute the
Orders and directions given by him; and upon whose Capacity for
that purpose he could safely rely, after having shewn him the mode
of going about any new operation; and upon whose Reports of these
operations he could also safely rely; and as the general Workmanship
of the Bridge has been applauded by many, and discommended by
none; it seems that there is only one point in which Mr Pickernel’s
execution of Mr Smeatons Orders can be called in Question: and that is
Respecting the driving down of the Cases of Piles round the Caisson Piers
to a proper depth: it is therefore necessary to state this matter particularly.
"Mr Smeaton’s written instructions were as follows "The length of
"the Piles should conform to the depth of the water. I would not wish
"the Sheeting Piles round the West end and the first Bay of the return
"on each side, to go into the Ground more than 10 feet and if they
"do not drive kindly must be contented with less. From thence each
"Bay may be gradually less depth into the Ground; so that round the
"down stream pointing 7 feet will be sufficient. If the Gage Piles drive
"kindly they may be longer by Eighteen Inches or two feet than the Sheeting
"but if not, they need not be above one foot longer."
To the above in the course of the work Mr Pickernel reported that
having driven the Piles of the 5th Pier from the North (which was the first
to which the Casing was applied) that the Gage Piles went down when
21 well

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