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Document 35, P 20

thereto when he observed the water was up to the Top of the dooming
(as then called) that is the top of the Capps of the Salient points upon the
Piers of the upstream side of the Bridge when it scarce touched the impost
of the down stream side which occasions a difference in level in passing
the Bridge of no less – than between four and five feet (and which according)
to the known Rules of Hydraulics will occasion a Velocity of One thousand
feet in a Minute but yet he was so far from apprehending any danger to
the Bridge that he had just sent his Son over to the South end with two
or three Masons to Examine the state of the Land Arches there and who
reported all safe but they had not returned above five Minutes before he
began to perceive symptoms of failure when to his Great Surprize "he
"perceived some particles of Lime fall from the fourth Arch about the size of
"Chaff that the Lime coming from thence and no where else he pointed his
"observations to that part only that the falling of the Lime continued to
"increase in Size and Quantity for about the space of a Minute that soon
"after he observed a Crack across the Bend of the Arch towards the upper side
"of the Bridge which crack gradually widened and in about a Minute more
"the splinters from the Stones in the plain part of the Spandrell between the
"third and fourth Arch which he could perceive shake, gave way, & the
"two Arches and a Pier fell together. That the whole Bridge was destroyed
"in half an hour" only two Arches remaining whole and one fell in part
in the Evening. Such was the sudden Catastrophe of this much
Commended unfortunate Bridge.
The second question is whether Mr Errington was sparing of any
thing necessary, to give Success to that mode of Building which Mr
Smeaton had adopted.
In this Mr Smeaton can only bear his Testimony that he was not;
nor did he ever hear him find fault with any Expence, thought necessary
by Mr Smeaton; on the contrary he always expressed his Wishes, to have
the Bridge completed in the most substantial and effectual manner.
20 Nor

Note: Mr Smeaton's Memorial P 20

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