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equal depth from side to side the shallow part becoming deeper and even
the deeper parts by the depositing Gravel had become shallower and every
flood that happened after occasioned reports of the same kind till the last
In this manner and with these Ideas everything was satisfactorily finished
and the Rubbling according to Mr Smeaton’s directions at or about Christmas
One thousand seven hundred and eighty and in the beginning of January One
thousand seven hundred eighty one Mr Smeaton viewed the whole in
the presence of the Magistrates of the County who attended for that
purpose and found everything done to his great satisfaction as well as
theirs and as such reported it to the County as being completed accord-
-ing to Mr Erringtons Agreement.
After all succeeding floods every Account was of the most flattering
kind so that previous to the last Flood every person concerned therein or
therewith seemed perfectly easy with the Security of Hexham Bridge.
On Sunday evening the tenth of March one thousand seven hundred
and eighty two there fell in that County a great downfall of Snow so great as
to be a foot thick upon the plain Ground which was immediately succeeded
by a violent heavy rain and as the nature of snow is to drink up the rain
like a sponge till it becomes perfectly saturated with water it then bursts
altogether like a snow ball in the Fire and may be fitly compared to an
immense Reservoir extending over the whole Country Broke loose altogether
and as hills and whole face of this Country is steep comparatively like the
Roof of an House it is capable of coming down very suddenly and meeting
altogether by the Junction of the two Tynes a little above Hexham without
having any considerable flat Ground to spread itself upon the next Morning
(vizt) Monday March Eleventh Mr Donkin perceiving an Extraordinary high
flood in the River (which runs from West to East) this attended with a very
high Westerly wind led him down to the Bridge to observe the Effects of the
water upon it but without the least supposition of any Damage happening
19 thereto

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