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Document 35, p 8

3rdly, That not only from the faith of Mr Pickernels subsequent Borings but
from the Proximity of the two Situations (not 1/3 the Breadth of the River
asunder) it appeared in the highest degree probable that the same or some
such Stratum of loose matter lay under the foundation of the Bridge built by
Sir Walter Blackett; and was the Cause of its destruction: otherwise its sudden
and total destruction in so short a space of time, was to Mr Smeaton totally
unaccountable; who in the way of Curiosity for other business often carried
him to Hexham had sometimes viewed the operations of that Bridge while
it was Building: that Bridge having been in his Judgement at that time
competently well founded to guard against Accidents, considering, in what
manner it was done; when compared with the manner of founding on Gravel
used by our forefathers; and which for Sir Walter Blackett was designed and under
-taken at the risque of that ingenious and well experienced Builder Mr John Gott
of Woodhall in the West Riding of the County of York, who for several years previous
to that, had been undertaker of the Building and Repairs of the County Bridges
in the said West Riding; and also Surveyor of the Rebuilding and Repair of the
Navigation Works upon the Rivers Air and Calder; a Man rendered truly
respectable, to all who knew him, from a long series of successful Experience in
this kind of arduous undertakings; and who moreover previous to this
undertaking at Hexham, had with great success and credit to himself,
then undertaken and completed the New Bridge at Ferrybridge in Yorkshire
which was done upon the selfsame principles, that he afterwards put in
practice upon the Tyne; and which Bridge still stands unhurt upon the
River Air (there also united with the large River Calder) to the praise of the
skill of the worthy builder thereof.
This person Mr Gott, being personally known to Sir Walter Blackett,
as well as his Works; Sir Walter pitched upon him as the proper person to ensure
success to his favorite project; and still more effectually to do it, he joined
with Mr Gott, Mr Brown a very worthy and experienced Mason of the
Neighbourhood, a person that had acquitted himself by many Works done
8 for

Note: Mr Smeaton's Memorial concerning Hexham Bridge, p 8

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