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Document 35, p 7

proper method of treating such a Subject; he must suppose it more likely for
a Bridge to be undertaken and proceeded with, if the foundation was a gravel
unfathomable, than if it was a Gravel with Quicksand under it.
What remains therefore as questions material to the County and to all the
Partys, seem to be the following;and what they that undertake to Judge of the
whole matter, should be acquainted with.
1st, Whether Mr Smeaton from the whole matter before him, at the time
of forming his project; he did it with that deliberate Judgement and reasonable
probability of success that has characterized him in other things.
2ndly, Whether Mr Errington was sparing of any thing necessary to give
success to that mode of Building, which Mr Smeaton had adopted.
3rdly Whether Mr Pickernel did to the best of his power and abilities execute
to a reasonable and possible intent what he was directed by Mr Smeaton.
4thly Whether under all the Experience & Knowledge of the subject, as it
now standsthat the present Bridge should be attempted to be reinstated, or a
new one built at Hexham.
With respect to Mr Smeatons Scheme for the Bridge the following
matters are worthy of observation.-
First that from the failure of Sir Walters Bridge in the night no Estimation
could be formed of the fall or velocity that the water had in passing that Bridge
at the extream of the flood before its failure: For tho’ the marks of the Flood
were left very visible which shewed it to have rose many feet higher than
any former flood in point of height, yet this gives no light into the stress laid
upon the Bridge by the Velocity of the Water: For no Bridge even tolerably Built
ought to suffer from the water rising any height upon it whatever if stagnent
or rising very slowly by the Counteraction of a rising Tide, opposing the
natural Current.
2ndly That it is ascertained beyond a Doubt, that at the place where Mr
Wooler begun there in reality existed a quicksand of an unfathomable depth
covered over with a Bed of Gravel of a very moderate thickness and consistence
and intermixed with large tumbling whin Stones.
7 3rdly

Note: Mr Smeaton's Memorial concerning Hexham Bridge, p 7

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