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Document 35, p 6

considering the extent of the Subject, but the only mode in which a Bridge
could be executed on such a kind of foundation, as was then generally
supposed, at any moderate Expence, and with a reasonable prospect of
Thus considered Mr Smeaton acquainted Mr Donkin that he was
willing to examine the situation; and if he found it competent, so that
he could hazard his Credit as an Artist upon it he would be willing to
give Mr. Errington an estimate. The tryal was made assisted by Mr
Pickernel; who on this Occasion recounted the principal part of what is
above stated, so far as he was concerned; The Estimate was made pre-
-sented and accepted, the Bridge undertaken built and suffered the
fatal overthrow that has occasioned the present Litigation.
The preceeding narrative will sufficiently shew, that none of the
parties pressed themselves into this Unfortunate this ill fated Business
or proceeded in it from any interested motives.
Respecting Mr Errington he neither professed nor could ever have any
view of profit from the Undertaking; the contingent benefit that it might
in that situation, be to his Estate, being the sole motive to the pains and
trouble that must necessarily attend it.
Respecting Mr Smeaton he neither asked, expected, sought, or
received more than his accustomed daily hire, and he trusts, that it
will not be supposed, that he could wish to undertake this Business
for want of Employ, and in respect of Mr Pickernel, if he wanted employ,
he would have been much more likely to have met with it by the Bridge
being proceeded with, if he had reported a good Gravel to an unfathomable
depth, knowing or believing there was a quicksand, at 9 or 10 feet under
it, than he could expect from reporting a Quicksand at 9 or 10 feet under
the Surface of the Gravel, knowing or believing it was Gravel unfathomable
because being then not at all acquainted with Mr Smeaton’s Ideas of the
6 proper

Note: Mr Smeaton's Memorial concerning Hexham Bridge, p 6

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