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Document 35, p 4

to prove that whenever Mr Pickernel had penetrated the Bed of Gravel
that universally a Stratum of quicksand took place.
Under the circumstances Mr Wooler attended at Hexham to Survey
the Premises, and in the presence of some of the Magistrates assembled on the
Occasion, repeated the Trial of the Barr both in the foundation Pitt near the
North, and in the Shaft near the South end of the intended Bridge; and
which succeeded as before mentioned.The existence of a Stratum of Quick
-sand under a Bed of Gravel in this place then does not depend upon the
simple Testimony of Mr Pickernell but is alike witnessed by very respect-
-able as well as competent Judges.
The result of which View and Survey was, that no other place ap-
-pearing more eligible and likely than where the beginning had been made
and being unwilling to go upon the principle intended and begun of
pileing and planking under the Piers and the Magistrates not giving
Ear to the Solid Wall proposed by Mr Wooler (across and under the whole
Bed of the River from side to side as an artificial foundation whereon
a Bridge was to be Erected) on Account of the Expence thereof which was not
only likely to be uncertain but so great as to be very imprudent for even
the County to enter upon, the whole undertaking was at that time
given up or suspended; and Mr Wooler having been urged as too easily
desisting from his Original plan; on going away, he very sagaciously
and prophetically said whoever medled with a Bridge there would
Burn their Fingers.
After this the Gentlemen of the County unwilling to loose sight
of a Bridge at Hexham, an advertisement soon after appeared in all the
Newcastle papers, as from the Bench of Magistrates of the County importing
an Invitation to all Adventurers to undertake the Erection of a Bridge
taking the risque of making a foundation upon themselves and taking
their own method of doing it, but building the Superstructure according
to a certain design to be produced to them; and security for the permanency
for the whole of the wonted time of Seven years. This Advertisement was
4 continued

Note: Mr Smeaton's Memorial concerning Hexham Bridge, p 4

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