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Document 33, Letter from Mr Errington to Mr Heron, 15 May 1783, p 1

To 62
Ralph Heron Esqr* Dr Sr
Newcastle upon Tyne I have this moment Recvd
18 May Sunday yours of the 12th wherein you say you
expect to be here the 20th therefore it is
15 May 1783* very uncertain whether or not this will meet
Mr Erringtons letter abt my with you, but as I conjecture you may pos[sibly?]
Journey to London wait the coming in of the post on the 18th [??]
day you probably will set out in order to [??]
here the 20th I think it worthwhile to take
that chance of your getting this letter. I had a
long conference this morning with Mr Askew
in the presence of Ld Ravensworth, where much
was said of an end being put to this business
by compromise, & in that case the bill must
be put off till we see how the matter is likely
to turn out. I am to see Mr Askew again the
day after tomorrow, when you shall hear again

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