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Sandoe 14th May 1783
Dear Sir,
Your Favour of the 13.th came to hand last
Night, and the other of the 11 only this Morning 10 O’Clock so
that I could not sooner acknowledge the Recp’s of either, tho’ you
may depend upon my being at Newcastle tomorrow in conformity
to your Request, and shall be happy to find you perfectly recovered
from your late Indisposition and so well as to be able to undertake
the Journey without Danger of a Relapse, probably the Exercise
of Travelling may be of Service to you. Should an Opportunity
fall in your Way, I should be glad of a Partner to go in a Post
Chaise, as the Fatigue of the Fly or Diligence is more than I can
well undergo without running the hazard of being laid up for a
Day or two after my arrival in Town with my common Complaint
the headach which would be disagreeable and perhaps occasion
some Delay in the Business; so that your Enquiry and Success
would be a Particular Favour. I am, Sir,
Your obedt h’ble Sern
Jn. Donkin
It was sometime ago recommended to me by Mr. Errington to
endeavour to find out some of the old Papers containing the Bridge
Building Advertisements, and which, I have used every means I could
think of to get, but hitherto without Effect. Application was made
to the Printers (Slack never had it in his Paper) and Mr S*
replied in the manner you suggest, that he has but one
the Papers upon his File, which he will by no means par

Note: Letter from John Donkin to Mr Heron, 14 May 1783

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