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Document 31, Letter from Mr Errington to Mr Heron 1 May 1783, p 1

Mr. Heron* Dr. Sir
Newcastle upon Tyne I have seen Mr. White of the Ho of
Commons this morning he has staggar’d me
so much with respect to the possibility of
Carrying our bill with the petition of the Ma-
gistrates against us, that I am quite at a loss
what to do, & must desire you wd not set out
till you hear again from me. Mr. Wallace is
to be in Town tomorrow I will consult with
him & let you know the result as soon as
I can get an audience. Smeaton has seen
Wooller*, who informs him that Pochernell*
Made Borings in the river previous to Mr.
Smeaton being concern’d, & even sunk a well
near the river, in all which he found soft
matter at a certain depth. & which he Wooller
himself felt, & desisted building a bridge upon
piles on account of the soft matter he found in

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