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Document 29, p 2

facts & Materials, on which he established his plan of Operations
A Great Mind is often deceived by its own Virtues. Habituated to give on all Occasions
the genuine & honest Productions of its faculties, it often relies too much, & implicitly, on that
which appears to be the same of other Persons.
The Existence of a Sand below, & a supposed hardness & concretion of 5 feet, or any
such measure of the upper parts, seems to have precipitately & fatally determined the
Plan of Operations, at first setting off, & appears to be equally the Cause of the present
precipitate Opinion, for abandoning the Proposition as Impracticable.
Art furnishes the Means, I humbly presume, of going to a sufficient depth with
all the foundations & that too, on the spot, notwithstanding the Damage which this
Scite* has received
To compare the Eligibility of this Situation, with that of any other near to
Hexham, & the Direction of the Alemouth Road, is perhaps useless to discuss at present,
But in my Opinion if nothing had hitherto been done (as too much has unfortunately
been done) I wod have recommended a place of deep Water, & fixed elevated Banks, like
to that opposite to the West End of the Dwarf Wall of the Spital Green within Mr. Wastells
To enable me to form the Opinions which I have now the Honor to report to you,
I have seen, & examined all Mr. Smeaton’s Papers, I have heard all the particulars &
History of his proceedings, & Motives for the Method of Operations, which he adopted: I
have examined every part of the Works, & many Persons concerned, & employed in the
detail of its Execution; and it was my Lot to pass here in August 1778 when I viewed
the Effects then produced in those very foundations, by Floods previous to that time
making for my own Instruction, Minutes of what then I saw. – I mention those things,
to enable you to Judge, of that Reliance, you & all other parties, interested in this Business,
may be pleased to give to the Opinions & Report which is made
by your most obedient
And very humble Servant
Robert Mylne

Note: Report from Robert Mylne to Northumberland Magistrates, p 2

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