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Document 27, Letter from John Donkin to Ralph Heron, 4 April 1783

Dear Sir, Sandoe 4th April 1783
I recd your Favour of the 30th ult and since
which a Letter from Mr. Errington, inclosing me a Copy
of the Bill; the 2d* Reading, he says, is put off till after
the Holidays; – and that Mr. Kenyons’ opinion of
the Success is equal to every Thing he could wish.
I did not think it prudent to attempt being at the Meeting
of Justices yesterday. They have, it seems, much pleased
the Public by declaring a Resolution to oppose the Bill,
but I understand it is with this double meaning and reserve,
that the Practicability of Rebuilding be fully approved by
Mr. Miln or some other Engineer of Eminence; And, that
it meet with the Sense and approbation of the Bench at
the ensuing Sessions. And I am informed they expect
to have the 2d* Reading of the Bill deferred till after that
Period. This, if of Consequence and practicable to be prevented,
I am inclined to suppose should be be attempted, by proceeding
with the Business immediately after Easter Week, being
the Week of the Sessions, and may thereby possibly be got
thro before any Order of Sessions can arrive; but of this
you can form a more competent Judgement, & will advise
Mr Errington accordingly. It is said Miln is expected
by the middle of this Month. I shall be glad to know what
you think of the Propriety of expediting the Proceedings. I am
Dear Sir, Your obed hble Serv
Jno Donkin

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