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Document 26, p 2

when it will be necessary for you to come will never be to you a reflection attended
up. when we know what passes at the County with any disagreable sensation. & will ever
meeting it will enable us to judge whether or be remember’d with gratitude by your
no it will be adviseable to get Messrs Ward Oblig’d & Obedient
& Tweddell to come up. I laid the bill before Humble Servt
Mr Kenyon he refus’d any fee, but said he St James’s Henry Errington
thought it perfectly right & would support March 27
it in Parliament. I will pay due regard to 1783
what you say about Mr Milne if he is not
already gone. I shd be extremely sorry you
lost the friendship of any Gentleman on
my account, & I flatter myself that cannot
be the case with the respectable part of
the Magistracy, but I will venture to say you
will lose the esteem of none by acting con
sistenly with honor & Justice, & your endeavoring
to defend a well intention’d Client against the
hardship of the Summum Jus* which I am
sure in this instance would be Summa injuria*

Note: Letter from Henry Errington to Ralph Heron, p 2

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