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Document 22, p 5

be repaired or maintained and kept in repair as a county Bridge and that
the Road so to be maintained as afd when made should be deemed a part of the
Alemouth Turnpike Road and after the Expiration of such Time should be amended
& kept in repair as such
And your Petitioner further showeth That the said Bridge & said
were duly built & made accg[*] to the sd Articles and the sd Act of Parlt[**] and were
Road certified to be built made and finished & compleated according to
the said articles & plan and the said svl Sums of £5,700 and £400 were paid
by yr Petitioner
to your Petr[*] all of which and more money was expended in the undertaking
The said Bridge having been built in what was supposed in the most compleat
the sd
Manner, under the direction and Inspection of Wl Smeaton and to his the entire Satisfaction
of the Justices and the County Surveyor.
And your petr[*] furth Showeth That on the 11th day of March
1782 by a sudden and most extraordinary Flood the Bed of the River whereon
the said Bridge Stood was so greatly injured that the Bridge was in
thereof thrown down its having been previously apparently suffered
Consequence thrown over and destroyed without any apparent previous Symptoms
any apparent Injury or appearing of it having Suffered the least derangement
Your Petr further Showeth That yr Petitioner he purchased Ground
at a great Expence
for the Road and made the same Compleat in which State it now remains

Note: Mr Errington's draft Petition to Parliament, p 5

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