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Document 22, p 4

under the Hands of two of His Majesty’s Justices of the Peace to have been built
built finished & completed And in Consn of yr Petr Covenants & Agreements the
said Justices Parties to the said Articles on behalf of the County did covenant
that the Treasurer for the said County shod pay to your Petr the sd sum of
5,700l for the building finishing & compleating the Bridge & the Sum of 400l
for procuring making & upholding the said Road And that your Petr
shod have take & use as he shod think fit all the Timber Stones Iron & other
materials which had been prepared by the Coy, as in the sd Articles is mentd
witht making any Paymt or Satisfaction for the same And your Petr
further Sheweth That by an Act of Parliament passed in the 18th year of his
+ stating Title of the Act
intitled an Act ec+ & established were
present Majesty’s Reign the said Articles were confirmed & powers given for carryg
the said Articles into Execution And it was thereby enacted That the
said Bridge when finished & completed Should be deemed a County
Bridge & at all times after the sd term of Seven years should be repaired & maintained & kept in repair as
County Bridge and that the Road so to be made from the North end of this Bridge (when built) should be
deemed a part of the Ale
Bridge And from and after the term of the said Seven years-
Should from time to time and at all times thereafter be

Note: Mr Errington's draft Petition to Parliament, p 4

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