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Document 19, p 20

To Parliament for his Relief and also
to exonerate the County from the
eventual Chance of having the Bridge
to rebuild or repair. They then directed
that the Bill when drawn should be
examined by two Counsel one on their
Behalf and the other on Behalf of
Mr Errington – There were 12 Justices
attended that Sessions, and most of them
present – there was not the least
Objection made and every Man
who spoke spoke in favour of Mr
Errington’s Request
In Consequence of these proceedgs
I presented this Petition was presented
The Justices seemed intirely
satified of the Impracticability Inexpediency of
building another Bridge there-
The Justices suggested that
20 mode

Note: Minutes of Committee to consider Mr Errington's Petition, p 20

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