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Document 19, p 12

that from Marks which he had
observed in a Similar Manner
to what Mr Donkin observed as
described above that there had
been a fall amounting to 3ft 9i
in a former flood without the
Bridge Suffering any Derange-
ment whatever
That altho’ in the singular
[???] of the flood in the year
1771 the water rose to a greater
height than it did in 1782 yet
as I apprehend the Circumstances
of the Rise of Water in 1771 did
occasion it to come so
not bring it down suddenly &
of course not with such Velocity
In consequence
of course had this Bridge been
standing at that time I apprehend
of water
as the fall would have been
greatly less it would not

Note: Minutes of Committee to consider Mr Errington's Petition, p 12

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